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International company, in accordance high level of protection needs of companies, senior executives and vip cip are giving family protection service. In this context, area, transportation system routes, so even for the offenses of criminal profile take them to protect our measures against the customer we serve our security experts can be very fast professional practice. Securityistanbul, international firms, companies organizations in cooperation with near a working, but also provide the best protection general safety local private services in the region. As securityistanbul, top level with protection, businesses, or individuals wıth family members, according to the needs, we provide long-term protection of short service. Our work with our customers possible hazards effective appropriate resource use, professional employment, changing elasticity to terms and conditions of initiatives pro-active solutıon and threats of his late can for first trust analysis, risk management, planning, measures the company's new manager, fast acting against put items their and it involves. securityistanbul our professional security staff, terrorism, kidnapping, theft in the social sphere, pdp-many, the first fast driving techniques as mission starts on highly educated. Also, our customers privacy issues life extremely conversant in the sensitive individuals with work is professional. Close protection service in Istanbul our goal is to provide the best service to the first you. International is our precondition to satisfy our customers .

Luxury Service Istanbul ( Close protection, V I P Services )